Feminist Pedagogy: A Online Guide

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"A Guide to Feminist Pedagogy" (linked web pages) "explain[s] some of the fundamental beliefs, values, and intentions behind feminist pedagogy to inform a deliberate application in specific classrooms–any and all classrooms, as feminist pedagogy can inform any disciplinary context."

A. It emphasizes the following:

  • "Feminist pedagogy is not a toolbox, a collection of strategies, a list of practices, or a specific classroom arrangement."
  • "It is an overarching philosophy—a theory of teaching and learning that integrates feminist values with related theories and research on teaching and learning."
  • "It begins with our beliefs and motivations:  why do we teach? why do students learn? what are the goals of learning? 

B. Its resources include the following:

1. A "Framework"

2. "Habits of Head"

3. "Habits of Heart"

4. "Habits of Hand"

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