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"8 Awesome Sites for Making Flashcards Online" (post) introduces a variety of tools for making flashcard study sets.

A. Note: StudyStack and Quizlet also have a flashcard option, but these sites also include multiple game formats (matching, word search, word scramble, word chop, hangman, crossword, practice quizzes/tests, etc.) with no extra effort (and no cost).

  • As well, these tools also already have extensive collections of flashcards across the disciplines at the university level (Including medical school, law school, etc.) that can be copied over and edited (for free).
  • It is worth checking out already existing resources on StudyStack and Quizlet before you make your own flashcards.

B. The List of Flashcard Sites

1. Cram.com 

  • "[S]uper easy to create flashcard decks for any subject with a free account"

  • "Name your deck, add subjects, insert a description, and choose between private or public access ... use the editor to add text, images, lists, and formatting to the fronts and backs of the cards."

  • "[S]tudy your cards, go through them to memorize the information, test yourself with a quiz, or play a game."

  • "You can also edit your flashcard sets as well as share, print, export, or clone them."

2. Flashcard.online

  • "[A]nother simple site for creating flashcard decks that you can save and print."

  • "Start with a title, choose the number of cards, and select a type from only text or text plus a picture."

  • "You don’t need to sign up for an account; just create your cards and go."

  • "The only drawback ... is that you don’t have an option to use both the fronts and backs of your cards."

3. GoConqr.com

  • "[Set] up your account and ... build your learning profile." 

  • "[H]it the Create button ... select Flashcards ... enter your text or upload images to the fronts and backs of the cards." 

4. Brainscape

  • "[A] terrific site for finding flashcards created by others as well as making your own"
  • "Start by setting up a free account." 
  • "Enter the questions and answers (fronts and backs) for your cards ... save your deck or start studying right away."

5. ProProfs.com

  • "[M]ake a deck ... in just minutes after creating your free account."

  • "[A]dd images and text, arrange the cards in the order you want, and edit or add more cards to decks anytime."

  • "[V]iew your flashcard deck, memorize the information, take a quiz, and play a match or gravity game."

  • "[S]hare your flashcard set via email, shareable link, social sign-in, or embed code."

6. StudyBlue

  • "Pop in a term and definition (front and back) and click the plus sign at the bottom to keep creating cards for your deck."

  • "You can use text, images, audio files, and equations, covering most topic needs."

  • "StudyBlue also offers apps for Android and iOS."

7. Flashcard Machine

  • "[S]tart with a free account and the basics of your flashcard deck ... jump into the editor where you can insert text, images, equations, and other items ... [or] align the text, include lists, and adjust the font."
  • "[S]tart a general study session by moving through the cards or playing a game."
  • "[P]rint, export, and review your deck."
  • "Flashcard Machine offers apps for both Android and iOS, so you can study wherever you go."

8. FlashDecks

  • "Add your text to the fronts and backs and upload images to go with the cards."

  • "Check out flashcards shared by others, share your own on the site or via social media, and create collections for multiple decks." 

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