Flipping a Class 101

Decorative: "Flipped classroom" with a small, upside down picture of Bart Simpson writing repeatedly on the board, "I will not flip the classroom ..."


"Flipped Classroom" (web page and links) "provide[s] you with some ideas if you are considering undertaking the flipped classroom model."

"There are several sections, each containing extra links and academic papers for further investigation"

1. "'About' talks about the basic of what is a flipped classroom: what, why and how."

2. "'Active Learning'  is a key aspect of the flipped classroom so this section details some of the active learning pedagogies that can be employed."

3. "'Online Engagement' refers to the activities that may occur outside of the flipped classroom."

4. "The 'Face-to-face' section details the types of activities that can occur in the face-to-face component including structured active learning pedagogies as well as a range of low stakes teaching and learning strategies."

5. "'Case studies' are based on the experiences of largely UQ academic staff ...."

  • "No two experiences are the same but the results of increased student engagement is a common them throughout."
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