Grading Collaborative/Group Work with Rubrics

"Ensure Fair Assessment of Group Work"


1. Key Points in Group Assessment

"Assessing Group Work" (web page) summarizes four key points of collaborative, group-work assessment:

  • "Assess process, not just product."
  • "Ask students to assess their own contribution to the team."
  • "Hold individuals accountable."
  • "Ask students to evaluate their group's dynamics and the contributions of their teammates."

2.  General Outline of "Grading Methods for Group Work" (web page, chart): 

This site includes two helpful charts that cover the following assessment options (with advantages and disadvantages), focusing on the product of group work:

a. Instructor Assessment of Group Product

  • Shared group grade
  • Group average grade
  • Individual grade - allocated task
  • Individual grade - individual report
  • Individual grade - examination

b. Student Assessment of Group Product

  • Student distribution of pool of marks
  • Students allocate individual weightings
  • Peer evaluation - random marker, using criteria, moderated 

3. Some Starter Rubrics

Here are a few rubrics that focus on the process of collaborative work and that readily lend themselves to adaptation for collaborative learning. Mix and match to suit your specific needs for any given assignment or assessment:

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