Graphic Organizers: A Basic Collection

A visual hotlink to the interactive periodic table of visualization methods


Hotlink above: Click the image, and then roll your mouse over any "element" for a sample image of that visualization method.

A. "Graphic Organizers" (post) links to 33 pdf graphic organizers that can be used as a visual way of organizing knowledge, ideas, reflections, arguments, research, etc.

1. Though many may seem very basic, simple graphic frames can be helpful ...

  • For students struggling to initiate, sort, organize, or coherently articulate their collected information, ideas, arguments, resources, or findings.
  • For in-class activities (as models, printables, or handouts), providing visible structure during the activity (and a submittable end product).
  • For writers at all levels who may occcasionally need an artifical structure on which to organize their content.
  • For instructors who may want a clear, coherent, visual frame for their lectures, classes, activities, etc. 

2. See also

B. The Graphic Frames

  • KWL Chart (What I Know, What I Want to Know, What I Learned) (pdf)
  • KWS Chart (What I Know, What I What to Learn, Possible Sources) (pdf)
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