High-Tech Cheating

Two smart phones in front of a key board, notes, text, and pencil; on the first smart phone is the word "Technology"; on the second smart phone are the words "is making cheating easier"


"How Students Cheat in a High-Tech World" (2016; pdf) examines several of the "elaborate schemes ... increasingly complex and multinational – and sometimes quite expensive" that some students use to cheat and "prepares educators for new challenges in stemming a tide of deception that could undermine the value of college degrees."

Included Articles:

  • "The New Cheating Economy: Business is booming right under colleges’ noses. It’s not just papers anymore. It’s the whole course."
  • "Contract Cheating’s African Labor: Among Kenyan college graduates, competition for jobs writing papers for American students is fierce."
  • "In a Fake Online Class, Could Professors Catch Students Who Are Paid to Cheat? The experiment shows how easily online education can be exploited by people intent on deception."
  • "3 Modern Methods of Cheating: Extra online accounts, smart watches, and Yik Yak are among the tools employed by dishonest students."
  • "Online Classes See Cheating Go High-Tech: Test takers are finding ways to score easy A’s by teaming up with their friends."
  • "Memorization, Cheating, and Technology: What can we do to stem the increased use of phones and laptops to cheat on exams in class?"
  • "Behind the Webcam’s Watchful Eye, Online Proctoring Takes Hold: Universities are hiring companies that have cropped up to police the integrity of online courses."
  • "Cheating Goes Global as Essay Mills Multiply: Current and former essay-mill writers help provide an inside look at an essay-writing company."
  • "The Shadow Scholar: A man who writes students’ essays explains how he makes his living off their desperation."
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