Inclusive Teaching Resources

Decorative: A keyboard key labelled "Inclusion"


1. University College London's "Inclusive Teaching" toolkit offers an overview of what inclusive teaching means and "putting it into practice."

Most helpfully, it summarizes basic inclusivity efforts to five principles, each of which is expanded upon in other Teaching Commons resources (see below):

  • "Be alert to practical issues, such as students with visual impairments, hearing aids, or wheelchairs."
  • "If possible, present content in different, more interactive ways."
  • "Make sure all your students can be heard and are encouraged to participate."
  • "Consider using diverse assessment methods and help students to understand the standard of work they are expected to produce."
  • "Consider ... recording lectures and making them available online" -- or, better yet, include essential content and learning materials for each module online in a format that is more engaging and effective than a mere "talking heads" video.

2. Other Inclusive Teaching Resources

3. Universal Design

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