Academic Integrity

New Student Code of Conduct: Academic Integrity

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"Student Code of Conduct - Academic Integrity" (pdf) contains the full document.

  • Effective May 1, 2019 the Student Code of Conduct - Academic Integrity, Student Code of Conduct - Non-Academic, and Student Code of Conduct - Appeal Policy, will replace the Code of Student Behaviour and Disciplinary Procedures.

The topics covered in the "Student Code of Conduct - Academic Integrity" include the following:

Section I: Introduction

Is It Cheating? 20 Scenarios

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"Scenarios: Is It Cheating?" (article) presents a "collection of cheating scenarios ... adapted from a variety used in research on academic integrity" as well as a variety of ways the scenarios can be used in class.

  • Each identifies "specific behaviors and the context in which they occur" as well as "the involvement of enablers, those who make the cheating possible or increase the likelihood of success."
  • Each use and each scenario are also discussed more fully in the article.

A. Uses of Scenarios

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