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The Teaching Commons posts awards which recognize excellence in teaching and assists faculty who are submitting applications and proposals for internal and external awards as well as grants programs.

We can provide

  • Individual consultations
  • Workshops
  • Advice 
  • Practical support (e.g. editing, proofing, etc.)

Congratulations to the 2019 Contribution to Teaching Award Winners

Congratulations to the following instructors for winning the 2019 Contribution to Teaching Award!  The Contribution to Teaching Award is a student-nominated award that recognizes instructors who have demonstrated high levels of teaching performance at Lakehead University.

Dr. Beth Visser (2019) - Interdisciplinary Studies and Psychology

Dr. Beth Visser (2019) - Interdisciplinary Studies and Psychology


Dr. Frederico Oliveira (2019) - Psychology

Dr. Frederico Oliveira (2019) - Anthropology


Teaching Innovation Award 2018-2019

What Is It?

Lakehead University’s Teaching Innovation Award recognizes the development and/or implementation of innovative pedagogical practices and technologies. The award is given for the development and/or implementation of a specific pedagogical innovation, and may be awarded to an individual or a team. Up to three awards may be given annually.

Recipients of the Teaching Innovation Award will be publicly recognized at Senate, and will receive a monetary award of $100.00. Recipients will also be invited to lead a workshop on their innovation.


a) Instructors, librarians, and staff engaged in the delivery and support of teaching at Lakehead are eligible to be nominated for innovations developed and/or implemented at Lakehead University. Members currently on the Senate Teaching and Learning Awards Sub-Committee are ineligible.

Lakehead University Distinguished Instructor Award

What Is It?

The Distinguished Instructor Award (DIA) is Lakehead University’s most prestigious teaching award and recognizes an outstanding individual who has made a significant contribution to teaching excellence and educational innovation and leadership at the University over a number of years. Only one award per year is bestowed.

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