Class Management

Encouraging Authenticity: 29 Starter Questions

Decorative: "Authenticity is magnetic"


A. "29 Questions That Make People Let Down Their Guard and Be More Authentic" (post) lists 29 "[o]pen-ended inquiries that ... build trust every time."

1. The questions "dive into a person's history, likes and dislikes, personality and values, and they all give the impression that their individuality is of interest and consequence."

Civility: The 25 Rules of Considerate Conduct

"Civility is not a sign of weakness." John F. Kennedy


1. "In Memory of P.M. Forni: The Case for Civility in the Classroom and Beyond" (post) honours an instructor known "for his work on the history and theory of civility."

He cofounded "the Johns Hopkins Civility Project (JHCP): 'An aggregation of academic and community outreach activities ... aimed at assessing the significance of civility, manners and politeness in contemporary society'" and wrote two books on civility (the first. especially, being a recommended resource for class management):

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