Communities of Practice

Helping the Writing-Stalled Professor

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"Aiding the Writing-Stalled Professor" (online article) argues that “the most direct way to improve academic life for students, faculty members, and administrators is to support faculty writing … [with] books, workshops, confidential consultations, and, most important, writing groups.”

Besides 12 book recommendations, the article (and sidebar) offers “some guiding principles for creating an effective faculty writing program,” each point being elaborated further in the article:

Academic Writing Groups

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“Don’t Go It Alone” (online article) emphasizes the need for academic writing groups for encouragement, accountability, and shared productivity strategies: “We need help getting our writing done – not just planned and agonized over.”

The article offers practical suggestions about where and when to meet and how to manage distractions. As well, it lays out (and expands on) eight guidelines used successfully with separate writing groups of tenured professors, tenure-track professors, and mixed groups of tenured and untenured writers:

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