Graduate Students

How to Enrol in the Certificate in Teaching & Learning in Higher Education

To enroll in the Certificate in Teaching & Learning in Higher Education 2019-2020, you must first self-register for that course.

To do so, follow the steps below (after September 11):

1. On your main mycourselink/D2L page, locate the column entitled "Help" (top right).

2. In that column, scroll down to "Self-Registration," and click on that term.

3. In the page that opens, you will see a list (one or more) of non-academic courses for which you are eligible.

  • Click on "Teaching and Learning in Higher Education 2019-2020" to select it.

4. In the window that opens, click on "Register" (bottom right).

5. Enter the requested "Registration Information" in the window that opens.

  • When you are done, click "Submit." 

6. In the "Confirmation" window, click "Finish."

Kinds of Academic Writing Groups

Decorative: "Your Guide to Writing Groups


A. "Shut Up and Write" (post) addresses challenges faced by many "graduate students, post-docs and new faculty" when trying to get necessary writing done.

1. We may "need community, support, and accountability, and ... [we should] embrace the[se], create mechanisms to meet them, and find that participating in these types of supportive systems brings [us] increased productivity."

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