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A Critical Thinking & Engagement Response Application

Lakehead has entered into a collaborative partnership with Notetonic Inc., to use and provide input on the effectiveness of their web-based student feedback tool.  Using artificial intelligence, this tool automates the analysis of qualitative student feedback collected through the highly effective “one-minute paper” assessment technique.

  • No technology is required by the instructor to pose the in-class question(s).
  • Students have the opportunity to provide feedback on what they learned, where they need extra help, and to rate their level of understanding during the last few minutes of class when it’s most critical.
  • Instructors receive immediate and detailed data on course concepts students are mastering and areas where they may be struggling.
  • Sharing and discussing the anonymized results makes students feel valued and engaged.

Watch this short video of Notetonic in action (from a student perspective).

To get started with Notetonic:

  1. Sign up for a free Educator’s account on the Notetonic website.
  2. Follow the prompts to set up your course(s).

Best Practices for Instructors

  • Set up your Notetonic courses in advance
  • Update the start and end times (placeholder times are noted by default)
    • Remember the feedback window opens 30 minutes before the class ends, and remains open for another 5 minutes after (total 35 minutes)
    • NEW - Option to schedule sessions for fully online courses
  • Review the course settings and finish.
  • Send 6-digit course access code to your students along the link to the student account sign up page:, and link to the Notetonic video
    • Students will require the access code before setting up their Notetonic account
  • At the end of your class, ask students to complete the “one-minute paper”
  • Login to view the results and identify discussion points for the beginning of the next class

What else?

  • Let us know if you are using Notetonic in your classes.
  • Share your thoughts on Notetonic through a feedback questionnaire.

Questions? Need help? Contact us at

Lakehead has free access to Notetonic for the duration of this collaboration.  By creating a Notetonic account, you are agreeing to Notetonic's terms and conditions and privacy policy.

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