PeerScholar is an online peer- and self-assessment tool that allows students to provide anonymous peer feedback on each other's assignments.  A PeerScholar activity:

  • encourages critical and creative thought and strong communication skills
  • promotes self-reflection
  • facilitates increased student participation and engagement
  • supports multiple assignment formats (e.g., essays, videos, pictures, etc.)
  • and more

Watch this short video for an overview of PeerScholar.

PeerScholar Features: 

Adding a PeerScholar Link to Contents (in mycourselink)

  • Click on Content
  • Select the module where you want to add the PeerScholar link
  • Click Existing Activities
  • Find and Click on External Learning Tools
  • Select PeerScholar and the link will automatically be added
  • Click the down arrow to the right of the link title (e.g., PeerScholar) and select Edit Properties in Place
  • Click on the title to engage the editing window and type the new link name
  • To the far right, click on the check box Open as External Resource to load PeerScholar in a new window
  • Click the Content link to save your updates and disengage Edit Properties in Place
  • Watch the following short video of the steps above

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