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A. General resources for teaching in general, teaching theory, Open Education Resources (OER), etc. are listed below and may be scrolled through.

B. Topic-specific resources on the Teaching Commons website can be discovered in two ways:

1. By searching a specific term or tag using the “Search Teaching Commons” box at the bottom of the left-hand column.

2. By browsing the items posted (in chronological order) in the sub-categories listed on the left: 

Copyright FAQs

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A. "Copyright at Waterloo: Frequent Asked Questions" (post): The following Q&As are from the University of Waterloo, and answer "[e]verything you ever wanted to know about copyright but were afraid to ask!"

1. "The links below provide you with general information about the Canadian Copyright Act and how it affects your work within the University."

2. For Lakehead-specific issues and applications, see the following:

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