Technology Enabled Learning

Learning Technology

The Learning Technology team supports the use of teaching tools for fully online, blended, and in-class learning. 

We provide

  • Information about the latest teaching tools
  • Integration of educational technology into courses
  • Workshops on mycourselink and elearning 
  • Assistance for faculty and staff as they create online/blended course content and interactive learning strategies
  • Troubleshooting for issues with online course spaces

For help with mycourselink, to set up virtual classrooms or virtual assignments, or to explore the educational possibilities of emerging technologies, this is the place to start.

Contact us (807.346.7730 or to explore the possibilities of the online environment!

A Tool for Experiential Learning Entirely Online

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1. In a "Open Letter to the Community," Riipen announced that, "[i]n response to recent world events," the company "would like to be part of the solution as you prepare for online learning contingencies," and so they "are offering Riipen free for the 2020 spring and summer quarters/terms to post-secondary institutions with no obligation to renew."

Tips for Successfully Hosting a Zoom Session


If time permits, a day or two before your first session, invite another faculty member or staff member to do a trial run with you.  Share your screen, go through your slides, use the chat feature, try all features of the program that you will be using during your live lectures. 


Ask your TA/GA (if you have one) or invite a student in the class to be your tech support during your live sessions. Have that individual address any tech issues other students may have on the chat board so that you don’t have to interrupt your lecture.  This individual can also moderate the chat board during your lecture letting you know when questions are posted. 

Think about norms and establish them on Day 1.

Take the first 5 minutes to do a technology check with students and ensure all are ready.

Keep it Simple: Moving Courses Online

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A. "Keep it Simple: Moving Classroom Courses Online during the COVID-19 Pandemic" (post) presents a useful, very reasonable appraoch for moving courses online in the current exceptional circumstances.

  • Each point below is developed in more depth in the text.

1. The Key Points

a. "[D]efault to technology solutions [like D2L/mycourselnk]  that are":

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