Academic Book Promotion Kit

Decorative: "The Academic Book promotion Toolkit"


Recommended by Teaching in Higher Ed, "The Academic Book Promotion Kit" is "[a] comprehensive, self-paced, online [but, alas, not free] course ... for new and experienced academic authors who need the structure, tools, templates, and guidance to create a plan and timeline for promoting a new book." 

1. "Once your book is published, your job is just beginning."

  • "After all the time you invest in writing a book, you want it to sell."
  • "According to some estimates, the average book is selling less than 250 copies per year and less than 3,000 copies during its lifetime."
  • "The strategies in this course can help you boost pre-sales for your book and maintain sales momentum after your book is out."

2. "The Academic Book Promotion Toolkit Course Trailer" (1.47 m)

3. "This self-led course is for you if" ...

  • "You need a step-by-step process for building a promotional plan for your academic book."
  • "You want 30+ ideas for how to promote your academic book to a range of audiences."
  • "You are looking for tested methods for academic book promotion."
  • "You are seeking concrete examples of what academic book promotion looks like."
  • "You are ready to build a comprehensive book promotion plan."

"Each module in the course includes a series of video lessons and workbooks to help you complete each stage of your book promotion plan."

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