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Digital Portfolios: A Vehicle for Authentic Assessment

Decorative: A suitcase on which is written "Portfolio," "Reflections," "Artifacts," etc as though they were travel stickers showing places visited


A. "7 Important Questions Before Implementing Digital Portfolios" (post) poses core questions to help instructors "truly embrace the power that a digital portfolio can bring into our [classes] ... [and] go beyond a collection that only represents one year of learning, but can show the progression over time."

20 Tips for Student Blogging

Decorative: A human shape holding a banner saying "blog," standing in middle of 8 other human shapes


"20 Ideas for Solid Student Blogging" (post) from Ditch That Textbook  builds on students' love of posting and their experiences as "digital collaborators."

  • It outlines "20 things to consider" if you opt for "student blogging articles/chat comments/podcasts" as assignments or activities to help students "be there when they engage with [your] content]."
  • Points below are developed more fully in the post.

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