Assignments and Activities

QAR Reading Strategy

Decorative: QAR, "Question Answer Relationships"


A. "Question-Answer Relationship (QAR)" (post) "strategy helps students understand the different types of questions" and guides them into deeper engagement with texts.

  • "By learning that the answers to some questions are 'Right There' in the text, that some answers require a reader to 'Think and Search,' and that some answers can only be answered 'On My Own,' students recognize that they must first consider the question before developing an answer."

B. How to Use the Question-Answer Relationship Reading Strategy

1. "Explain to students that there are four types of questions they will encounter."

Close Reading: Helping Students Read Complex Texts

Decorative: Teaching with Complex Text


"A Close Look at Close Reading: Scaffolding Students with Complex Texts" (pdf) provides a context for selecting appropriate, complex texts as well steps and strategies to help students learn to do close reading -- "thoughtful, critical analysis of a text that focuses on significant details or patterns in order to develop a deep, precise understanding of the text’s form, craft, meanings, etc."

A. What Activities Does Close Reading Include?

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