Assignments and Activities

Critical Thinking: The Believing & Doubting Game

Decorative: "Belief" and "Doubt" written on two street signs as at a corner


A. "Build Critical Thinking Skills with Believing and Doubting Games" (post) outlines "[o]ne excellent way to help students stretch their critical thinking muscles – regarding specific texts or general topics ... the believing game and the doubting game."

  • "[B]y using methodological doubt and methodological belief, students are encouraged to either believe or doubt an idea or text systematically, with discipline and conscious effort."

1. How the Believing and Doubting Games Work

Note-Taking Pairs

Decorative: Two small figures sharing notes


"Note-Taking Pairs" (post) explains a simple collaborative learning technique that helps students "improve their individual notes."

  • "Working with a peer provides students with an opportunity to revisit and crosscheck notes with another source."
  • "Partners help each other acquire missing information and correct inaccuracies so that their combined effort is superior to their individual notes."

A. Basic Model

1. Characteristics of Activity

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