Benefits of Community-Connected Projects

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"Mentors Enhance Project-Based Learning" (post) lists 8 practical benefits of "extended community-connected projects." 

1. The Benefits 

  • "Big multistep projects teach the practical skills of project management."
  • "Challenging projects build the habits of persistence (sometimes called grit) and self-direction."
  • "If they include some degree of voice and choice, projects build ownership and motivation (with self-direction, these dispositions are often called agency)."
  • "Integrated challenges teach critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Problems with no easy answer build design skills."
  • "Team projects develop social awareness and collaboration skills."
  • "Projects often conclude with written and oral reports that build communication skills across the disciplines (e.g. writing about science)."
  • "Well-designed projects conclude in a public product that may make a community contribution and allow young people to experience the benefits of service."
  • "[E]mployee engagement-willing experts that ... support student projects" provide mentorship that offers  "reciprocal benefits to mentors and companies. Executives get a chance to give back and companies build the workforce pipeline."

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