From In-class to Online Courses

Decorative: "Evolution of Education" followed by four images -- a small blackboard, a larger green board, a still larger screen on which notes are being projected, and finally a lap top showing an instructor and a play button


"Transforming Your Course" (post) gives four tips "to transform your course to an online course ... through careful re-examination of course design, pedagogy, assessments, and technology in order to optimize the online learning experience."

1. "Start with Your Course Learning Outcomes"

  • "Course learning outcomes drive learning in all courses."
  • "Write specific, meaningful and measurable learning outcomes, stating what the students will “know” or be able to do by the end of the course."

2. "Apply Instructional Design Principles"

  • "Identify the desired learning outcomes, plan learning experiences which map to the outcomes, and determine how learning will be assessed."

3. "Adopt a Learner-Centered, Active Learning Approach"

  • "Carefully plan the types of interaction in your online course."
  • "Encourage students to dialog, write, think, and evaluate." 
  • "Design purposeful activities which promote learner interaction and which leverage the online environment."

4. "Develop Your Online Teaching and Technology Skills"

  • "Select and integrate technology tools to support learning in your online course."
  • Take advantage of the Teaching Commons staff and resources for consultations, assistance, and technical guidance "for transforming teaching."
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