Classroom Response Systems ("Clickers")

Decorative: Three mobile devices showing a polling question, a selection of polling responses, and a bar chart of responses


"Classroom Response Systems ('Clickers')" (webpage) introduces formal classroom response systems (CRSs) as well as "strategies for using clickers in your teaching."

Topics of relevance for Lakehead include the following:

  • What Is a CRS?
  • Teaching with a CRS
  • Why Use a CRS?
  • Challenges in Using a CRS

NOTE: Most of the advantages and uses of a formal and costly CRS can be gained from free or free-to-student services such as the following:

Tools for In-Class Polling

Decorative: 7 sample poll displays that can be shown after using clickers


A. "Tools to Facilitate In-Class Polling" (web page) points out that classroom response systems or "[i]n-class polling by any means (clickers, online polling programs, Google forms, or even colored pieces of paper)" has several benefits:

  • It "is a straight-forward way for instructors to gather real-time feedback."
  • It helps "identify gaps in preparation or understanding."
  • It allows instructors to "flexibly adjust instruction." 

1. "Low- or No-tech" Options

a. "Raise Your Hand"

b. "Choral Response" 

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