Core Academic Skills: Definitions, Examples, & Rubrics

Decorative: A word cloud in the shape of a pencil on the theme of "academic skills"


"University of Delaware General Education Rubrics" (pdf) includes brief but detailed rubrics as well as extended "objectives definitions" (with examples) for each of the following core academic skills:

  • Reading critically
  • Analyzing arguments and information
  • Engaging in constructive ideation
  • Communicating effectively in writing
  • Communicating orally
  • Communicating through creative expression
  • Working collaboratively and independently within and across a variety of cultural contexts and a spectrum of differences
  • Demonstrating multicultural awareness and response
  • Critically evaluating the ethical implications of what they say and do
  • Reasoning quantitatively
  • Reasoning computationally
  • Reasoning scientifically
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