eCampus Ontario Open Library

Decorative: "Open Library" with the eCampus Ontario Open Library logo


A. "Welcome to the Open Library: The Home of the Open Educational Resources (OERS) in Ontario" (web page) allows instructors to do the following:

1. Find

  • "Search our collection of open texbooks and other open resources."
  • "The curated collection aligns with top subject areas in post-secondary education and features reviews from experts and educators across Canada."

2. Customize

  • "Did you know open educational resources can be adapted to suit your needs or your students' needs?"
  • "Learn how to customize an OER for your course."

3. Create 

  • "There are many tools to create OER."
  • "Get started with Pressbooks or explore other options to create a resource for the Open Library."

B. See also 

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