What is ePortfolio?

ePortfolio is a personal portfolio tool for storing, organizing, reflecting on, and sharing items that represent your learning. You can include documents, graphics, audio files, videos, presentations, course work, etc. that demonstrate your improvement or mastery in a certain area. You decide what items you want to include in your ePortfolio, how you want to organize them, and who you want to share them with.

For a quick overview, watch this short video:


What can I use it for?

An ePortfolio allows you to present and share information about yourself in a fun and creative way.   Below are some examples of how you may use your ePortfolio:

  • to demonstrate exemplary work and skills
  • illustrate experience and achievements
  • demonstrate achievement of set criteria within your courses
  • reflect on what you've been learning in your studies
  • showcase your course work
  • collect feedback on work from others

How do I use it?


  • artifacts (individual items)
  • collections (groups of related items)
  • reflections (thoughts about your learning)
  • presentations (web projects showcasing your items and achievements)

Share items with others by giving them permission to:

  • view an item
  • comment on an item
  • view comments from others
  • assess an item
  • view assessments from others
  • edit an item

For more detailed information please see:

Text Documentation

Video Playlist

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