Force-Submit a Student's Quiz in D2L

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"D2L - Submit a Student's In-Progress Quiz" (post): "Occasionally a student may save their quiz responses, but forget to submit their quiz."

  • "The quiz will have the status of in progress next to the name of the student and may require an instructor to submit the quiz for the student."
  • Do the following to "submi[t] a student’s quiz as an instructor."

1. "Enter your D2L course and from the Assessments drop-down menu click Quizzes."

2. "From the drop-down menu next to the quiz click Grade. A list of the students and their attempts will appear."

3. "If you wish to see only attempts that are in progress, select Users with attempts in progress from the Restrict to: drop-down menu and then click the Search button." [NOTE: The search button is beside the search box ABOVE "User with attempts in progress."] 

4. "Select the Enter Quiz As User icon beside the user’s name." [NOTE: This button is after "(in progress)."]

5. You will see a box that says " Confirmation. Enter Quiz as User. You are about to enter this quiz as this user. Are you sure that you want to proceed?" "Click Yes."

6. "Click Go To Submit Quiz" at the bottom of the student's quiz.

7. "Click Submit Quiz."

8. Again, you will see a Confirmation box. "Click Yes, submit quiz to confirm the quiz submission."

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