Hosting Live (Synchronous) Lectures

To schedule a meeting in Zoom (through D2L)

  • From the D2L course site navbar, select Zoom from the Other Tools dropdown menu
  • From the Zoom interface, click on the Schedule a New Meeting button in the top right
  • Enter the meeting details (title, time, duration, etc.). (Some options are selected/unselected by default – review these carefully.)
  • Once the meeting is scheduled, a link for students to join will automatically appear in the Calendar tool (on course homepage).
  • To launch your meeting, go to Zoom through Other Tools  When Zoom launches click the Start button to the right of the meeting title.
  • If recording your lectures and you haven't selected this option when setting up the meeting, you can select the Record option after the meeting is launched (record to cloud or record to your computer).  
    • Recordings to the Cloud are available under the Cloud Recordings tab through the Zoom link (under Other Tools).  Students access the cloud recordings the same way.
    • Recordings saved to your computer will need to be uploaded to your course site. (Tip: create a content folder titled Recorded Lectures - Note, transcripts are not available through this option).

Check out the:

For assistance setting up Zoom in D2L (mycourselink), email

For general Zoom support, email

Zoom Tutorial Youtube Clips

Note: Some of the features noted above will need to be enabled in your personal Zoom account.

Log in to

  • Click on the Settings link to the left of the screen.
  • Click on In Meetings
  • Toggle on the functionality you want to enable (toggle button to the right)

When a meeting is launched, the icons for the newly enabled features will appear in the menu bar along the bottom of the screen. Note, this menu moves to the top of the screen when Screen Sharing.


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