Making Students Globally Competititive

Decorative: A map of the globe focusing on the circumpolar region


A. "Making Students Globally Competitive While They Learn" (post) responds to the the way "globalisation has expanded the horizons of students all over the world ... [and] increased the demanding conditions and requirements that they have to satisfy to craft their future in it."

  • The post outlines doable practices to ensure "that students of today are trained and equipped to combat the problems and challenges that they will face on a global scale."

1. The post offers suggestions under the following topics: 

5 Thinking Activities for Global Competence

A tree with 11 features of global competency on it like bubble fruit: Global awareness, global responsibility, global experience, open-mindedness, self-awareness, inquisitiveness, motivation, respectfulness, intercultural competencies, general knowledge, humility


"How to be a Global Thinker" (post) outlines several activities to "weave opportunities [for students] to inquire about the world, take multiple perspectives, engage in respectful dialog, and take responsible action as a routine and integral part of everyday life in the classroom."

"Global Thinking Routines ... are ... micro-teaching tools specifically geared to nurturing global dispositions."

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