Learn to Help Students with Mental-Health Issues

Decorative: "More Feet on the Ground" against a picture of a sidewalk with many different feet walking


A. More Feet On the Ground (website) is an "online resource is intended to be a one-stop shop for any campus professional or student leader looking to understand more about mental health and refer a student to relevant programs or departments."

  • "Learn how to recognize, respond, and refer students experiencing mental-health issues on campus."
  • The resource "was developed to help faculty, administration and campus staff learn how to recognize, respond and refer students experiencing mental health issues on campus."
  • "[E]xplore this website, create an account, take the quizzes to receive a More Feet on the Ground Certificate, and support student mental health and well-being!"
  • "This resource was developed by the Council of Ontario Universities, Brock University, and the Centre for Innovation in Campus Mental Health, which is funded by the Ontario Government."

B. Included Modules and Topics

1. "Mental Health"

  • "Understand: The Impact of Mental Illness"

2. "Call to Action: Recognize, Respond, Refer"

  • "The Importance of Using more Feet on the Ground (MFOG)"

3. "Mental Health Challenges"

4. "Suicide"

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