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A. What Is Magna?

Lakehead University has recently subscribed to Magna Digital Libraries -- "Unlimited faculty and staff professional development for [the] entire campus with ... on-demand [digital] libraries of Magna [Commons] Online Seminars and 20-Minute Mentor programs."

  • This resource presents online, video-based, professional-development content for university-level instructors in a wide range of subjects/topics.  
  • It encompasses two formats – the "20-Minute Mentor Commons" (15-20 minute sessions) and the "Magna Commons" (30-120 minute sessions). These two series are complementary, not duplicative, and are available to instructors on both campuses. 
  • As a member of our campus community, you have access to this online content from Magna Publications at no cost to you. 
  • While the entirety of both digital libraries are available for viewing, selected Magna videos (or video playlists of related content) also appear in the Resources section of the Teaching Commons website as recommended professional resources. If you are off-campus, though, you need to sign in for off-campus access (see below).
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B. Off-Campus Access

1. Step 1: ACTIVATE your group subscription access (this is done only once).
a.  Go to Site Licence Registration: Lakehead University --   
b.  Enter information in each of the required fields.  

  • For the Authorization Code, please email the Teaching Commons.
  • Please note: Entering the Authorization Code is done only once.
  • Please do not share the Authorization Code with anyone outside our campus community.

2. Step 2: ACCESS the group subscription (this is your regular log-in process).
a. Go to Magna: My Online Access.

b. Enter your email address & password & click Log In.

  • If you do not know or remember your account password, use “Forgot your password?” to reset it.

c. Hover over your name, and click "Your Online Access."

d. NOTE: Once your account is created, and you registered with the Authorization Code, you will have unlimited access from any computer, whether on- or off-campus. 

  • Access for faculty & staff is available as long as the subscription is active.

3. Need help?

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C. On-Campus Access 

1. If you are on-campus and reading on the Teaching Commons website, you should be able to click on the blue title of a video and have immediate access to the selected resources.

2. If you are on-campus and wish to browse the Magna digital resources, do the following:

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