Mental Health & the Learning Environment

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A. Mental Health & the Learning Environment (web site) is a "toolkit [that] will help faculty and teaching staff take steps within the classroom in a collective effort to support student mental health."

1. Introduction

  • "An increasing number of students from a variety of backgrounds are choosing to pursue post-secondary education."

2. The Role of Faculty

  • "Faculty/teaching staff play a vital role in co-creating the learning environment with which students engage and can contribute to reducing the number of stressors in that environment."

3. Understanding Why Curriculum Design and the Learning Environment Need to Reflect Mental Health

  • "One area where faculty can have the most significant impact is in curriculum design, since curriculum design can impact workloads, due dates, stress, anxiety, and wellness of both students’ and faculties."

4. How to Recognize When a Student May Need Support

  • "Even with all that can be done to create a learning environment that promotes student well-being, students may still be struggling with their mental health for a variety of reasons."

5. How Can You Support Your Own Mental Health?

  • "Every year, many faculty are designing and teaching more courses, taking on more students, figuring out how to embed the latest technology into these courses, and doing research."

6. Appendix A (links)

  • "Resources for Teaching Assistants and Graduate Assistants"
  • "Supporting Student Mental Health"
  • "Supporting Your Teaching/Graduate Student Mental Health"

7. Appendix B (examples)

  • "Curriculum Infusion, Course/Degree Requirement and Minor Program Examples"
  • "Case Studies/Examples of Curriculum Infusion Programs"
  • "Examples of Health-and-Wellness-Focused Electives at Concordia"
  • "Examples of Health Credits as a Degree Requirement"
  • "Examples of For-credit Electives Offered by Different Universities"
  • "Examples of Minors"

8. Appendix C (infographics)

  • "Protocol for Supporting Students in Distress"
  • "Protocol for Supporting Students in Distress: Your Role and Responsibility"

B. Some Other Helpful Other Resources

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