Online Teaching

Be a Better Online Teacher

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"How to Be a Better Online Teacher: Advice Guide" (doc) provides "advice on how to make your online pedagogy as effective and satisfying as the in-person version, including" the following:

  • 10 essential principle and practices of better online teaching
  • Common misperceptions
  • How to find help

A. 10 Essential Principles and Practices (each elaborated more fully, often with examples, in the doc)

Quality Online Course Inititaive Rubric

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A. "Quality Online Course Initiative (QOCI) Rubric" (web page) introduces a rubric for online courses (updated 2018) designed "to reflect the research and best practices in online learning as well as the changed technologies and practices in creating accessible courses."

1. Links to the Rubric

The QOCI RRubric is "[a] tool to assist in the design, redesign, and/or evaluation of online courses":

Teaching Online Pedagogical Repository (TOPR)

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1. Teaching Online Pedagogical Repository (web site) is "a public resource for faculty and instructional designers interested in online and blended teaching strategies."

  • "Each entry describes a strategy drawn from the pedagogical practice of online/blended teaching faculty, depicts this strategy with artifacts from actual courses, and is aligned with findings from research or professional practice literature."

2. On TOPR, "[o]nline/blended learning pedagogical practices are organized into three categories":

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