Purposeful Use of Digital Pedagogy: A Framework

Decorative: A thumbnail of (and hotlink to) the pedagogy wheel listing thinking tasks, digital activities, and possible apps for each


1. Technology Use by Quadrant, a graphic from "Edtech Tools for SPED, Math, and Reading" (post) includes a quadrant chart framed by an X-axis labeled "Knowledge Taxonomy," which moves up the six levels of Bloom's Taxonomy:

  • "1. Remembering: Can the student recall or remember the information?"
  • "2. Understanding: Can the student explain ideas or concepts?"
  • "3. Applying: Can the student use the information in a new way?"
  • "4. Analyzing: Can the student distinguish between the different parts?"
  • "5. Evaluating: Can the student justify a stand or decision?"
  • "6. Creating: Can the student create new products or points of view?"

and a Y-axis labeled "Application Model" which moves, from left to right, through five stages: 

  • "1. Knowledge in one core discipline"
  • "2. Application within one discipline
  • "3. Application across disciplines"
  • "4. Application to real-world, predictable situations"
  • "5. Application to real-world, unpredictable situations"  

2. The Quadrants

Each quadrant contains a list of verbs useful for assignments and learning objectives as well as examples of digital tasks that could facilitate the learning tasks identified by those verbs:

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A (lower left quadrant)

  • Verbs: Define, Identify, Label, List, Locate, Memorize, Name, Recite, Record, Select
  • Examples: Bullets & Lists, Creating & Naming Folders, Editing, HIghlighting/Selecting, Internet Searching, Loading, Typing, Using a Mouse, Word Doc

B (lower right quadrant)

  • Verbs: Apply, Construct, Demonstrate, Dramatize, Illustrate, Interpret, Interview, Sequence, Solve
  • Examples: Advanced Searching, Annotating, Blogs, Google Docs, Hacking, Operating/Running a Program, Posting - Social Media, Replying - Commenting, Sharing, Social Bookmarking, Subscribing to RSS Feed, Tagging, Texting, Uploading, Web Authoring

C (upper left quadrant)

  • Verbs: Analyze, Classify, Diagram, Evaluate, Explain, Infer, Judge, Research, Summarize
  • Examples: Hyperlinking, Media Clipping/Cropping, Monitoring, Photos/Videos, Programming, Reverse Engineering, Software Cracking, Testing, Validating Resources, Video Editing

D (upper right quadrant)

  • Verbs: Argue, Conclude, Create, Explore, Invent, Modify, Plan, Predict, Rate
  • Examples: Animating, Audio Casting, Blog Commenting, Broadcasting, Collaborating, Composing - GarageBand, Digital Storytelling, Directing, Mashing - MIxing/Remixing, Modifying/Game Modding, Networking, Photo/Video Blogging, Podcasting, Reviewing

3. The Graphic

Technology Use By Quadrant - Content of the graphic is explained in 1 and 2 above


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