The "REAPPRAISED" Checklist for Evaluation of Publication Integrity

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1. "Check for Publication Integrity before Misconduct" (post; pdf) presents "[a] tool that focuses on papers - not research behaviour" to help "readers, editors and institutions assess which publications to trust."

  • "Although designed for clinical and animal studies, the structured approach to investigation applies more broadly."
  • It can be "used during both manuscript review and post-publication evaluation ... [and] could even be published alongside decisions to retract, issue an expression of concern, correct a paper, or let it stand."

2. The REAPPRAISED Checklist for Evaluation of Publication Integrity (pdf version)

"R - Research governance"

☐ "Are the locations where the research took place specified, and is this information plausible?"

☐ "Is a funding source reported?"

☐ "Has the study been registered?"

☐ "Are details such as dates and study methods in the publication consistent with those in the registration documents?"

"E- Ethics"

☐ "Is there evidence that the work has been approved by a specific, recognized committee?"

☐ "Are there any concerns about unethical practice?"

"A - Authorship" 

☐ "Do all authors meet criteria for authorship?"

☐ "Are contributorship statements present?"

☐ "Are contributorship statements complete?"

☐ "Is authorship of related papers consistent?"

☐ "Can co-authors attest to the reliability of the paper?"

"P - Productivity"

☐ "Is the volume of work reported by research group plausible, including that indicated by concurrent studies from the same group?"

☐ "Is the reported staffing adequate for the study conduct as reported?"

"P - Plagiarism"

☐ "Is there evidence of copied work?"

☐ "Is there evidence of text recycling (cutting and pasting text between papers), including text that is inconsistent with the study?"

"R - Research conduct"

☐ "Is the recruitment of participants plausible within the stated time frame for the research?"

☐ "Is the recruitment of participants plausible considering the epidemiology of the disease in the area of the study location?"

☐ "Do the numbers of animals purchased and housed align with numbers in the publication?"

☐ "Is the number of participant withdrawals compatible with the disease, age and timeline?"

☐ "Is the number of participant deaths compatible with the disease, age and timeline?"

☐ "Is the interval between study completion and manuscript submission plausible?"

☐ "Could the study plausibly be completed as described?"

"A - Analyses and methods"

☐ "Are the study methods plausible, at the location specified?"

☐ "Have the correct analyses been undertaken and reported?"

☐ "Is there evidence of poor methodology, including":

☐ "Missing data"

☐ "Inappropriate data handling"

☐ "‘P-hacking’: biased or selective analyses that promote fragile results"

☐ "Other unacknowledged multiple statistical testing"

☐ "Is there outcome switching — that is, do the analysis and discussion focus on measures other than those specified in registered analysis plans?"

"I - Image manipulation"

☐ "Is there evidence of manipulation or duplication of images?"

S - Statistics and data

☐ "Are any data impossible?"

☐ "Are subgroup means incompatible with those for the whole cohort?"

☐ "Are the reported summary data compatible with the reported range?"

☐ "Are the summary outcome data identical across study groups?"

☐ "Are there any discrepancies between data reported in figures, tables and text?"

☐ "Are statistical test results compatible with reported data?"

☐ "Are any data implausible?

☐ "Are any of the baseline data excessively similar or different between randomized groups?"

☐ "Are any of the outcome data unexpected outliers?"

☐ Are the frequencies of the outcomes unusual?"

☐ Are any data outside the expected range for sex, age or disease?"

☐ Are there any discrepancies between the values for percentage and absolute change?"

☐ Are there any discrepancies between reported data and participant inclusion criteria?"

☐ Are the variances in biological variables surprisingly consistent over time?"

"E- Errors"

☐ "Are correct units reported?"

☐ "Are numbers of participants correct and consistent throughout the publication?"

☐ "Are calculations of proportions and percentages correct?"

☐ "Are results internally consistent?"

☐ "Are the results of statistical testing internally consistent and plausible?"

☐ "Are other data errors present?"

☐ "Are there typographical errors?"

"D - Data duplication and reporting"

☐ "Have the data been published elsewhere?"

☐ "Is any duplicate reporting acknowledged or explained?"

☐ "How many data are duplicate reported?"

☐ "Are duplicate-reported data consistent between publications?"

☐ "Are relevant methods consistent between publications?"

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