Retrieval Tic Tac Toe: In-class Review Activity

Decorative: A neon tic tac toe game board


"Retrieval Tic Tac Toe: A No Stakes, No Anxiety Game for Retrieval Practice" (post) introduces a quick, easy, effective, low-tech or no-tech, retrieval-practice game.

A. Benefits

  • "Classroom games – like Jeopardy, trivia, or apps – encourage retrieval. But they can also raise student anxiety when they're competitive or time limited."
  • "[A] no-anxiety strategy: Retrieval Tic Tac Toe [was] [c]reated by college students [and is] adaptable for any classroom or content area. Have fun!"
  • "No prep or grading required!"
  • This can also be used during student presentations to increase active engagement.

B. How to Play

  • "Write a tic tac toe grid on the board or project a grid on a screen."
  • "Split your class into two teams."
  • "Each team writes 5 questions for retrieval practice." 
  • "One team stands at the front of the class and asks a question. The other team collaborates to come up with the correct answer."
  • "If the seated team gets the question correct, they can put an X on the grid wherever they like."
  • "The teams switch. Now, the team that originally presented collaborates, answers a question, and adds an O if they are correct."
  • "Continue alternating teams for Retrieval Tic Tac Toe, anxiety free!"

C. Quick Tips

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