Teaching Commons Summer Institute 2018

Participants at the Teaching Commons Summer Institute 2018


The first annual Teaching Commons Summer Institute was held from August 14 to 16, 2018, in the Teaching Commons, which is located on the fifth floor of the Chancellor Paterson Library.

Twenty-six instructors from across the disciplines attended, from experienced tenured faculty to newly hired and teaching-only faculty members.

The theme of the Summer Institute was "active learning," and the sessions were active, including:

  • Tone-setting Activities and Contexts for Active Learning
  • Understanding Indigenous Terms and When to Use Them
  • What Technology Can (and Can't) Do for Active Learning

Feedback from participants:

  • "I feel quite fortunate to have been a part of such a great workshop - and to have met so many wonderful people! :)"
  • "Thank you so much for the most informative and entertaining 3 days we've had this week. I have spent the past 2 hours Kahooting and exploring some new activities to add to my classes already!  Wonderful pictures which reflect so very appropriately the atmosphere during those 3 days. Well done to you and the team."

Thank you to all the participants, the Teaching Commons team, the guest facilitators, and the Deans (for providing such wonderful meals and refreshments).


  • Join the online group -- created to keep the sharing of knowledge about teaching and learning flowing 

Summer Institute Course Content

  • View the Summer Institute Course Content (available to Lakehead University only)
  • Go to myCourseLink and choose Self-Registration: Academic Support and Training (on the right)

More photos from the Teaching Commons Summer Institute

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