Teaching International Students: Strategies and Approaches

Decorative: 16 students hands waving flags of their home countries (all different)


"Teaching International Students: Strategies to Enhance Learning" (pdf) outlines "strategies and approaches that have been informed by research in the area of international students’ learning in western higher education contexts."

"The key areas that are discussed in some detail include":

  • "Internationalising the curriculum"
  • "Making lectures accessible"
  • "Encouraging participation in small group work"
  • "Adopting an educative approach to plagiarism"
  • "Supporting students in developing critical thinking skills"
  • "Explaining assessment expectations"

"The practical advice in this document has been written for academic staff wishing to explore different ideas in their teaching to address the needs of international students."

  • "This advice is offered with international students in mind but can be useful for all students."
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