Tools for In-Class Polling

Decorative: 7 sample poll displays that can be shown after using clickers


A. "Tools to Facilitate In-Class Polling" (web page) points out that classroom response systems or "[i]n-class polling by any means (clickers, online polling programs, Google forms, or even colored pieces of paper)" has several benefits:

  • It "is a straight-forward way for instructors to gather real-time feedback."
  • It helps "identify gaps in preparation or understanding."
  • It allows instructors to "flexibly adjust instruction." 

1. "Low- or No-tech" Options

a. "Raise Your Hand"

b. "Choral Response" 

c. Plickers (free) "requires technology on the instructor side (a smartphone app), but not on the student side."

  • "[A] mash-up of paper and clickers, [Plickers] lets students vote by holding up a piece of paper with a black, coded shape on it."
  • "Each side of the shape corresponds to a different answer (A, B, C, or D) and each shape has a number that allows the instructor to identify the student (1-60)."
  • "The instructor uses their smartphone app to scan the student plickers, and the app generates a bar graph of the submissions."

2. "Higher-tech"

a. Socrative (free; paid option) "is an online polling program that has students answer questions through their smartphone or laptop."

b. Clickers are "physical devices have lettered buttons that allow students to answer multiple choice questions privately and generate data charts for the instructor." 

B. "The 10 [9] Best Classroom Tools for Gathering Feedback" (web page) lists classroom response-type tools, introduces each, and explains "some of the activities they’re best for":

  • Socrative - "one of the most well known (and widely used) student response systems, and for good reason"
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