Unique Challenges of Zoom Teaching

Decorative: A student in a bathrobe sitting on a bed, holding a glass of wine, looking at a laptop


"‘Please Wear Pants’ and Other New Rules of Pandemic College Teaching" (post) outlines some of the many new concerns and considerations instructors face when teaching with Zoom.

  • The whole (brief) post is worth reading as it addresses the following situations and offers some practical suggestions.

1. Rules You Never Thought You'd Need

  • "[P]lease don’t do drugs and don’t drink while class is going on."
  • "[P]lease wear pants of some kind. People forget.”
  • "If you have to use the restroom, please don’t take your computer in there with you."

2. Some Considerations When Teaching

  • "Conversations once confined to a classroom and a group that has agreed to abide by guidelines for speaking and listening respectfully now may be overheard by parents or partners not bound by such conventions."
  • "[S]tudents [may] get uncomfortable during remote classes when other people in their homes get within earshot."
  • Some students are "not going to be able to have [a particular] conversation with [that] person [t]here."

3. Challenges

  • “[H]ow to keep people safe and also allow them the opportunity to take intellectual risks?”
  • "[R]eading the room"/"gaug[ing the class atmosphere" for interest, boredom, confusion, etc.
  • "[H]ow to navigate the emotional landscape of the class"
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