Infographics 101: Piktochart

Decorative: "What Is and Infographic?"


1. "How to Use Piktochart in Any (and Every) Classroom" (blog post) introduces using infographics in courses, -- a teaching tool that brings "poster sessions" to our students. (The posts below privilege Piktochart as a tool, but it is free and user-friendly: "Its tools will be intuitive to anyone who’s used to familiar programs for making slideshows")

This blog post answers the following questions: 

  • "What is an infographic?"
  • "What are infographics best for?"
  • "What tech tools are needed?"
  • "What are some possible challenges with this project?"
  • "What's the general outline for [creating an infographic]?"
  • "What should I include in my assignment directions?"
  • "Besides my course content, what grading criteria should I consider?"
  • "What video tutorials are available?"
  • "What other options are there for expanding [an infographic-based] project?"
  • "How do we share this project beyond the classroom?"

2. "A Student's Guide to Getting Started with Piktochart" (blog post) provides "a quick and simple guide to getting started with Piktochart:

  • "If you need to make an infographic, a presentation, or a poster for a class project, presentation or report.... with Piktochart’s interface, tools, and features, you’ll be a visual storytelling genius in no time."

3. "Using Infographics to Drive Deeper Learning" (blog post) explores "what infographics offer inquiry-driven research," suggesting "infographics as a way to not only push students deeper in their learning, but also serve as a way to make that learning visible to the world." 

  • "Infographics provide a framework for students to neatly guide and fit their learning into."
  • "Infographics ask students to distill what’s most important in their findings (main ideas, shocking statistics, telling quotations, etc.) and display them in a way that is appealing to an audience."
  • "This process requires the ability to analyze information and make a connection to an often unrelated and/or real-world context."
  • "This process moves students up the ladder of Bloom’s Taxonomy into the upper levels of analyzing, evaluating, and creating."

4. See also "11 Infographics about Infographics" (blog post) for more information.

5. An Infographic about Infographics

An infographic about the benefits of infographics


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