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The Teaching Commons is pleased to announce that Lakehead University will pilot KahootPro this academic year. Kahoot is an online game-based interactive response application that instructors can use to pose questions, facilitate discussions, collect data, and much more.  

KahootPro is free to students, faculty, and staff.  Instructors can request a pro license by sending an email to mycourselink@lakeheadu.ca

Some features of KahootPro include:

  • sharing and co-creating Kahoots within the university's team space.
  • access to customizable game templates.
  • question library.
  • free use of an extensive image library.
  • a teaching and learning support blog.
  • advanced reporting.
  • **NEW** Check out this Kahoot! blog post highlighting the new features in the Kahoot creator launched August 2019

Kahoot offers the following game types:

  • Quiz – multiple-choice or true/false game where participants select the correct response from two to four answer options using the shape/colour tile.  
  • Jumble – sorting game where players place the four answer options (coloured tiles) in the correct order. 
  • Survey – similar to a quiz but without correct or incorrect answers.

Access Kahoot:

Learn and Share:

  • Visit the Kahoot Help and Support Centre to access online tutorials, the community blog, and much more.
  • Share how you used Kahoot.  Join the "Connecting at Lakehead" community of practice -  a group for instructors and faculty at Lakehead University to connect with each other about teaching and learning.  

By creating a Kahoot account, you are agreeing to Kahoot's terms and conditions and privacy policy.

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