Learning Innovation as a Discipline

Decorative: "learninginnovation [one word]: explore, discover, disrupt"


A. "Learning Innovation Is Evolving Into an Academic Discipline: An Unconference Elevator Pitch" (post) outlines the "central question[s]" of learning innovation and goals for learning science across the academy: 

1. Central Questions

  • "[H]ow do universities learn?" 
  • "[H]ow to college and universities change so that they are aligned with the science of learning?"
  • "[H]ow and why universities are evolving to becoming learner-centric organizations?"
  • "[W]here [are] institutions ... not set-up in accordance with the science of learning, and why [does] this mismatch continu[e]?"

2. Goals for Learning Science and Innovation

  • "[T]o carve out the organizational and intellectual space to study how and why learning innovation occurs, how effective this work is, and how it can be improved going forward"
  • To bring "rigorous and critical study" to this work
  • To examine how "universities are at an inflection point when it comes to learning"
  • To explore how "the dominant narrative of disruptive innovation is wrong"
  • "[T]o understand how universities move towards alignment with learning science through a lens that accounts for the cultures and history of higher education"
  • "[T]o train the next generation of academics to replace" learning specialists, so all instructors are adequately equipped to innovate productively
  • "[T]o extend the conversation around learning innovation out of social media and unconferences to seminar rooms, peer-reviewed journals, and scholarly books"
  • "[T]o discover how to build a scholarship of learning innovation [w]ith professors able to focus their time and energies on studying how universities learn"

B. See also "8 Questions and Answers on a New Academic Discipline to Study Learning Innovation" (post).

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