Mind Mapping 101

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1. "Mind Maps" (web page) explains what mind maps are, how they function and are constructed, and the broad range of uses to which this learning tool can be put -- for teaching and learning.

Other topics covered include the following:

  • Assessment
  • Best practices
  • Tools
  • Accessibility resources

2. "7 Mindmapping Uses for Students" (web page) elaborates on "7 ways sudents can start Mind Mapping to get better results, improve their memory and spend less time actually making notes":

  • Making notes
  • Planning an essay
  • Study for exams
  • Creative inspiration
  • Problem solving
  • Making presentations
  • Group study

3. "The 5 Best Free Mind Mapping Tools for Teachers" (web page) introduces 5 useful (and mostly free) online, mind-mapping applications:

a. Coggle

  • "[C]ompletely-free, web-based mind-mapping software ... [that]  allows users to create sprawling documents organized around hierarchical thoughts... [and] share documents with each other in real time"

b. MindMup

  • "[E]asy-to-use, web-based mind-mapping software that requires no sign-up for users... [and that] enables users to save files online, share them with others, or export them to other mediums"

c. Bubbl.us

  • "[S]imple web-based mind mapping software that requires minimal effort on the part of the user and contributes to a more organized set of ideas"

d. Mindomo

  • "[A] web-based mind map creation application that is free at its most basic level"

e. Wise Mapping

  • "[A] simple and quick-operating mind map creation program that is based entirely in the web" characterized by "it’s ease-of-use and plethora of publishing and sharing options" 

4. Other Resources

Mind Map Guidelines: Clarity - hierarchy, order, outlines; Center - start, image of of topic, at least 3 colors; Style - Personal, develop; Keywords - print upper & lower case; lines organized, central thicker & more important, outer thinner & less important; style - organic, free flowing, length same as word image; lines for each word, image, connect center & radiate out; Use - links, colors, emphasis, images, codes, dimension


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