mycourselink Update - Dec 19, 2019

Welcome to the Updated Creation Experience for Rubrics!

The new creation experience for rubrics provides a more streamlined approach to authoring rubric levels and criteria. Some highlights of this new experience include:

  • Quickly create and edit rubric levels and criteria inline using an auto-save experience
  • Easily reorder criteria via drag and drop or by using the keyboard
  • Improved logic for point-based rubrics where new levels automatically follow existing point scoring sequences
  • Individual criterion cells in custom point rubrics will dynamically scale when editing the criterion out-of value
  • Overall score has now been visually separated from the rubric and appears in its own section
  • Rubric scoring types can now be changed on-the-fly during rubric creation
  • Rubric types can not be changed on-the-fly during rubric creation
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