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mycourselink - Updates

Updates and/or new features and functionalities are applied to the mycourselink environment at the end of each month as part of the Continuous Delivery design model. Highlights that will affect mycourselink are listed on this page.

The full list of updates can be found on The Brightspace Community Site. Please note this site will list updates for tools that Lakehead may not have or could be enabled at a later date.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

mycourselink Update - Jan 25, 2019

Assignments - Improvements to Assignments List view

When accessing Assignments, the list view now displays updated information. Previously instructors would see information on the assignment name, Total Submissions, Unread Submissions, Flagged Submissions, and Due Date. Now instructors see information on the assignment name, the number of learners who have completed the assignment, the number of learners who have been evaluated, the number of learners who have had feedback published, and the Due Date. This allows instructors to quickly determine what assignments they need to evaluate, how far along they are with their evaluations, and if they have published the evaluations.

mycourselink Update - Nov 23, 2018

Quizzes - Quizzes display in full screen

Quizzes now display in full screen. When a learner clicks Start Quiz, the navbar disappears. This provides additional screen space for the quiz by removing unnecessary navigation elements from view.

Homepages - Instructors can edit homepage banner image titles

Instructors with the appropriate permission can change the homepage banner image titles. The title can be changed to the Org Unit Name, a custom value (such as Hello {FirstName}) or the title can be deleted to display no title.

mycourselink Update - Oct 26, 2018

Quizzes - Auto-save during quiz taking

Learners' quiz responses are now automatically saved during the quiz taking process. For forced response questions (such as Multiple Choice and True or False), learner responses are saved automatically when they select the radio button or checkbox. Text input questions autosave every 10 to 15 seconds, and html-enabled questions save when the mouse cursor is clicked outside the quiz response input area. Autosave sends save timestamps to the quizzing log, as the manual save function previously did. For quizzes with multiple pages, quiz responses automatically save upon navigating to a new quiz page. The Save all Responses and Go to Submit Quiz buttons have been removed, and are no longer visible on the quiz page. The only button now visible on the quiz page is Submit Quiz.

Virtual Classroom Update - Oct 9, 2018

  • Early moderator access to meetings -- moderators can enter the meeting room 10 minutes before the scheduled start time to prepare for the meeting.
  • Meeting support on iOS via the Safari browser for both moderator and attendees
  • Improvements to presentation area:
    • Reorganization of annotation tools
    • “Multi-user mode” - allowing multiple users to annotate the whiteboard at once
    • Improved smoothing on drawing/pencil use
  • Changes to webcam and screenshare presentation:
    • Webcams have been moved to the top of the screen
    • Ability to swap position of the webcams and presentation/screenshare area
    • Ability to disable webcams and/or screenshare to improve performance in case of a low-quality network connection
  • New Updated Network Test
  • Additional Moderator functions:
    • New confirmation message when turning recording off during a meeting
    • Ability to
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