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mycourselink - Updates

Updates and/or new features and functionalities are applied to the mycourselink environment at the end of each month as part of the Continuous Delivery design model. Highlights that will affect mycourselink are listed on this page.

The full list of updates can be found on The Brightspace Community Site. Please note this site will list updates for tools that Lakehead may not have or could be enabled at a later date.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

mycourselink Update - May 24, 2018

Grades - Locked Name column and header row

This Daylight-only feature introduces the locked Name column and header row in the following pages within Grades, so that instructors can scroll through user grades without losing the context for which and whose grades they are looking at:

  • Standard View
  • Spreadsheet View
  • Grade Category
  • Grade Individual Item
  • Final Grades

The existing solution that repeats the Name column and header row every x columns / rows is only available on legacy web browsers (Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge). The new locked Name column / header row is present on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari web browsers and is not present on Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge web browsers. The locked Name column /header row will not be active when using a small screen space such as a mobile device.

mycourselink Update - April 27, 2018

Visual indicators of role switch and user impersonation states on the navbar

Users who switch roles or impersonate other users can see a visual indicator of the role and/or impersonation state on the navbar. Having a visual reminder ensures that users do not make changes or perform tasks erroneously while signed into another role or navigating as a different user.

Discussions - Grading discussions | Updated

This feature updates the discussions grading experience for instructors. Now, when an instructor is grading a discussion, the Assess Topic dialog box opens as a pop-up window regardless of the dialog box option the instructor had set under Account Settings. As a result, the instructor can move the Assess Topic dialog box to another screen and continue reading discussions or navigating through a learner's discussions on a different screen without closing the Assess Topic dialog box.

mycourselink Update - March 30, 2018

Grades – Bulk Grades Feedback

All remaining non-daylight icons in the Gradebook are now consistent with Daylight. The Enter Grades and Enter Final Grades pages include the following improvements:

  • Column widths are adjusted to better match information within them
  • Event log column is removed, and the event log can now be found under the context menu next to each user’s name
  • Feedback column has been re-designed to indicate if feedback has not been entered, and includes a small preview of entered feedback for a user

Manage Dates – Manage due dates

Instructors can now edit due dates in the Manage Dates tool. Due Dates are available for Content topics, Assignments, and Quizzes. A Due Date filter is available under ‘advanced filtering’. Due dates can be edited on an individual basis, in bulk across multiple items, and through bulk offset.

mycourselink Update - Feb 23, 2018

HTML Editor – Advanced image editing

This feature updates the HTML Editor to include expanded image editing capabilities for the WYSIWYG editor where PowerPaste is enabled. Users can now edit images in place (including flipping, rotating, and adjusting brightness, sharpness, and color), edit the image description, and edit the size of the image. Users with access to Manage Files can save image edits to the Manage Files area, while users without access to Manage Files can save images as attachments.

This update is currently exclusive to creating discussion posts, announcements, and content (excluding module descriptions).

Note: Image changes save to Manage Files, or, depending on user permissions, as new file attachments to the item (such as Discussions) every time a change is made. Multiple edits will create multiple items.