Office Hours and Email

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"Office Hours and Email" (web page) explains how "[o]ffice hours are important opportunities for good teaching" and provides practical elaboration for each of the following strategies:

1. Getting Students to See You

  • "[F]inding the right place"
  • "[S]etting the right times"
  • "[G]iving a lot of encouragement"

2. Making Office Hours Productive

  • "Advise students on how to prepare for meetings with you."
  • "Make your sessions with students a chance to continue teaching them, by helping them work through their own confusions or problems."

3. Using Email Effectively

  • "Inform your students about your use of email."
  • "Recognize the value of one-to-many emails."
  • "Use email messages to establish course/teaching FAQ."
  • "Consider establishing email office hours."
  • "Assign pre- or post-class email messages."
  • "Shift some email exchanges to face-to-face discussions."

4. Other Resources

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