Online Rubrics Resources

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The following online rubric resources contain many rubrics in many subjects and for many kinds of assignments.

These rubrics can be used as they are, can be adapted to your more specific needs, or be used as models as you shape your own assignments/rubrics.  

  • Artwork Assessment Form, Art rubric for assessment of the discussion & writing on art history, aesthetics, and art Criticism - an assessment form
  • Science Rubrics, Rubric templates for assessing research papers, portfolios, reflective essays, lab reports, oral presentations
  • Institutional Assessment and Compliance, Links to seven general education rubrics for assessing electronic, humanities/cultural, math, oral communication, science, social/behavioral sciences, and writing outcomes
  • Rubrics for Assessment,Rubrics for discussions, teamwork, group work, research processes/reports, PowerPoints, podcasts, oral presentations, web pages, ePortfolios, graphic organizers, videos, multimedia, games, simulations, social media (wiki, blog, Twitter), critical thinking, reflection, summary, webquests, writing, math, science, etc.
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