Online Teaching

Digital Portfolios: A Vehicle for Authentic Assessment

Decorative: A suitcase on which is written "Portfolio," "Reflections," "Artifacts," etc as though they were travel stickers showing places visited


A. "7 Important Questions Before Implementing Digital Portfolios" (post) poses core questions to help instructors "truly embrace the power that a digital portfolio can bring into our [classes] ... [and] go beyond a collection that only represents one year of learning, but can show the progression over time."

Sudden Online Learning: What Your Students Aren't Telling You

"COVID-19: What Your Students Aren't Telling You" (video; 11:48 m) is a quick video by an instructor with 18 years experience teaching large classes on campus and online.

  • It outlines specific challenges students have shared with her concerning the sudden shift to online learning and, for several of them, suggests specific, possible empathetic responses.  

1. The Challenges 

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