Open Educational Resources (OERs): List of Repositories

A diagram indicating four aspects of OER: open courseware, open textbooks, share, customize

1. "Meta Tool for Finding OERs (Open Educational Resources)"

2"Open Access & Open Education Resources" (web page) -- resources in the following two categories: 

  • "Understand Open Access and Open Educational Resources"
  • "More Open Acess Discovery Tools for Articles, Journals, Books, Theses, Dissertations, Multimedia, and Data"
  • "Make Your Own Content Open"

3. More Open Educational Resources (OER): To search for OER resources, explore the following repositories:

  • AMSER (Applied Math and Science Education Repository) -- "[A] portal of educational resources and services built specifically for use by those in Community and Technical Colleges but free for anyone to use"
  • Annenberg Learner -- "Teacher resources and professional development across the curriculum" (video series, lesson plans, interactives)
  • BC Open Campus -- A collection of peer-reviewed open textbooks in arts, business, health-related, recreation/tourism, sciences, trades, and upgrading programs
  • BioInteractive - "[A]ward-winning multimedia resources, including apps, animations, videos, interactives, and virtual labs" -- as well as "click & learns," "classroom resources," and "teacher guides' ("About BioInteractive")
  • The Chemistry LibreTexts Library -- "A principal hub of the LibreTexts project, which is a multi-institutional collaborative venture to develop the next generation of open-access texts to improve postsecondary education at all levels of higher learning" --  texts, homework exercises, worksheets, exemplars & case studies, visualizations & simulations, demonstrations & experiments. (Other subjects under construction: biology, geology, mathematics, statistics, physics, social sciences, engineering, medicine, agriculture, photosciences, humanities)
  • College Open Textbooks -- "[A]n easy-to-use central repository for toolsets that can be shared amongst the peer communities and initiatives created to promote and support open textbook adoption" ("Who, What, and Why")
  • Digital Library for Earth System Education -- "A free resource that supports teaching and learning about the Earth system ... includ[ing] include lesson plans, scientific data, visualizations, interactive computer models, and virtual field trips - in short, any web-accessible teaching or learning material"
  • Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB) -- "The directory is open to all publishers who publish academic, peer reviewed books in Open Access and should contain as many books as possible, provided that these publications are in Open Access and meet academic standards" ("About DOAB")
  • eCampus Ontario Open Library -- A wide range of Open Educational Resources (free for students to download and for afaculty members to adapt for use in their courses) 
  • HippCampus -- "A free academic web site that delivers rich multimedia content–videos, animations, and simulations–on general education subjects from middle-school to college level."
  • InTech -- "World's largest science, technology, & medicine Open Access book publisher"
  • Khan Academy -- "You can learn anything. For free. For everyone. Forever" (math, science & engineering, computing, arts & humanities, economics & finance, etc.)
  • Librivox -- "Free public domain audiobooks read by volunteers from around the world" in multiple genres, subjects, and languages
  • Merlot II -- "A curated collection of free and open online teaching, learning, and faculty development services contributed and used by an international education community"
  • MIT OpenCourseware -- "[T]he materials used in the teaching of MIT's subjects available on the Web"
  • NOBA -- "Teach and learn psychology for free"
  • OAOpen Online Library -- "[A] quality-controlled collection of open access books ...  a sustainable publication model for academic books in humanities and social sciences and ... high-quality academic research in Europe" ("Organisation")
  • OASIS (Openly Available Sources Integrated Search) includes the ability to limit search results by license, type, subject, source, and reviews available.
  • Ohio Open Ed Collaborative - "Create, adopt, and utilize open materials for many of Ohio's high enrollment courses ... Create, adopt, and utilize open materials for many of Ohio's high enrollment courses."
  • OPEN (Open Professional Education Network) -- "[I]ndividual media elements to use within their courses, such as photos, graphics, videos, and audio, that are openly licensed in a way that freely permits education use" and "openly licensed education content you can use in whole or in part"
  • Open Book Publishers – a scholar operation committed to making high-quality research available to readers around the world, including a growing collection of monographs and textbooks in all areas.
  • Open Course Library -- "A collection of high quality, free-to-use courses that you can download and use for teaching"
  • Open Modernisms -- "[P]rimary source materials focusing on works in the humanities from approximately 1890-1940: novels, essays, criticism, poems and other documents of interest to Modernist scholars and instructors. All items are in the public domain in Canada"
  • OpenStax CNX -- "[F]ree educational material in small modules that can be organized as courses, books, reports, or other academic assignments"
  • Open Textbook  Library -- These "textbooks ... have been funded, published, and licensed to be freely used, adapted, and distributed.... All textbooks are either used at multiple higher education institutions; or affiliated with an institution, scholarly society, or professional organization." 
  • PhET Interactive Simulations -- "Interactive simulations for science and math" that "are based on extensive education research and engage students through an intuitive, game-like environment where students learn through exploration and discovery." 
  • Project Gutenberg -- "[O]ver 53,000 free e-books" in the public domain and multiple languages
  • Saylor Academy Open Textbooks -- "100+ Free Textbooks for Students, Educators, and Families," including business, economics, finance, humanities, mathematics, psychology, science, sociology, statistics, writing, etc.
  • SOL*R (Shareable Online Learning Resources) -- "[A] repository service provided by BCcampus that allows educators to access free online learning resources... Resources range from open textbooks, individual learning activities and tools, all the way to full programs"
  • Teaching Online Pedagogical Repository (TOPR) -- "[A] public resource for faculty and instructional designers interested in online and blended teaching strategies ... drawn from the pedagogical practice of online/blended teaching faculty ... and ...aligned with findings from research or professional practice literature."
  • Teaching Commons – Curated by librarians and their institutions, the Teaching Commons includes high-quality open educational resources such as textbooks, course materials, lesson plans, multimedia, and more. Discover content by type of work or subject.
  • Wisc-Online -- "[A] digital library of [often interactive] learning objects to improve learning" in Career clusters, computer science, formal sciences, humanities, natural sciences, social sciences

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