Quality Matters Course Review Standards

Decorative: A gold-seal bade with the words "Quality Matters" in the middle


"Quality Matters: Standards from the QM Higher Education Rubric, Fifth Edition" (pdf) presents a chart assessing 8 categories of quality-control measures/standards for higher-education courses, along with relative point values.

The 8 categories of standards include the following:

  • "Course Overview Introduction" (9 standards)
  • "Learning Objectives (Competencies)" (5 standards)
  • "Assessment and Measurement" (5 standards)
  • "Instructional Materials" (6 standards)
  • "Course Activities and Learner Interaction" (4 standards)
  • "Course Technology" (5 standards)
  • "Learner Support" (4 standards)
  • "Accessibility and Usability" (5 standards)
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