Resources for Online Teaching

1. Overview

Lakehead is committed to creating accessible academic communities for diverse learners, and this site provides resources to help instructors design and teach an engaging, effective, fully online course. 

  • Each module (see list on left) follows the principles of universal design and, together, they walk instructors through the process of setting up an online course. 
  • To this end, each module includes an overview, criteria for required components, links to relevant resources, and recommended mycourselink/D2L course tools.
  • You may wish to also view and bookmark our main mycourselink/D2L Support Page as it will include more resources on how to use the platform.
  • Consider attending our upcoming online workshopsView a recording (Lakehead login required)

2. The Design Modules

The design modules have been adapted from the Universal Design -- Best Practices for Online Learning resource from the University of Guelph and are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

a. Course Design

  • Syllabus
  • Learning outcomes

b. Course Development

  • Course Content/Materials
  • Activities
  • Assessments

c. Course Delivery

  • Communication
  • Feedback

d. Course Blueprint

  • Customizable tools and templates to import into your own course site.
  • Guides and videos to help you design, edit, and incorporate content and activities

e. Professional Development: Teaching Online

  • Links to online programs that teach best practices for online teaching
  • "How to Teach Online 101" is older and, while containing solid information, is less engaging than contemporary instructors would want for their own courses.
  • "Teaching Online," a Coursera course from New South Wales, contains excellent information and exemplifies best practices.
  • "Ontario Extend," a professional learning program designed to empower educators to explore a range of emerging technologies and pedagogical practices for effective online and technology-enabled teaching and learning.
  • Experiencing these provides an instructive contrast in what is possible and what is preferable in online teaching.

f. Online Community of Practice

  • Consider joining this group where instructors familiar with Lakehead resources, students, and other local factors are supporting each other.

g. Accommodations for Students

  • Contains links to necessary policies, language, and resources for students that can/should be included in one's syllabus, course resources online, etc.
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